So here goes:

The plan and strategy we have in place is deliberate and has taken 1000’s of hours of planning, Testing ( with our own money I may add) and tweaking. We have here a system that works 100%. All you need to do is follow the plan and take ACTION.

So in a nutshell:

  • We use Ad Packs purchased in Traffic Monsoon to promote Lead Lightning and Four Corners ( if you so wish ).
  • We build up our Ad Packs in Traffic Monsoon as quick as possible which will give us a very solid advertising fund which we will use to pay for all our Solo Ads, External Traffic and any upgrades that we need.
  • The External Traffic we purchase will be sent to whichever business we wish to build ie: Traffic Monsoon, Lead Lightning or Four Corners in this case.
  • We teach all our team the exact same method – hence giving longevity to all the income streams and businesse’s that we are involved in.
  • Everything we are involved in generates us TRUE passive income.
  • Learn it, Implement it, Teach it.

Ultimately it is up to you take action – only you can take the steps to make change.