Here are some of the comments from people that have been following the plan.

Shannon Ivory,

All thanks to you Faiser. You had the heart, the patience and the vision necessary to reach someone like me. With so many different pitches hitting my inbox, I had easily learned to ignore them all. However, just out of a genuine and general conversation you found me worthy to share this gold mine with me. Just when you think you have reached success, someone like you comes along and skyrockets the routine to another level. Thank you for keeping such a financially powerful process so simple that even the busiest successor to the broke seeker can have 100% success as long as they follow the plan. How difficult can that be when you have step by step instructions? I am glad that I said YES and I am eternally grateful. Your Friend, Shannon Ivory.

James Ian MarshallFaiser Khan“you’re a credit to your religion. I was lost and needed help and you selflessly spent hours replying to my questions. I’ve paid it forward a few times and will continue to do so. Thanks man”

Faisel Baree A credit to the community, our faith, to humanity and for implementing this wonderful business idea. Keep up the good work Faiser, and Thank You. Or as we say in Islam JazakAllah Khairan

Evangelia BayleyFaiser, you are awesome! Yes you do help anyone no matter who their sponsor is thank you smile emoticon

Abdul SallamWell done Faiser – we have to show others that it is not just about the Money when you help others – the Almighty looks after you in more ways than one!!

Shannon Ivory, again

Heyyyy, look who’s back. LOL! Yes, all is well, thank you. I know you had a watchful eye but I am impressed that you were able to remain inactive (physically, of course) The beauty about where you are now is that it will continue to move even when you stand still. I am on tract to 30 adpacks by next week. I was excited to get a peak at the beta testing and now trying to keep calm.

Thanks a lot Faiser, your little ‘life changing message’ has practically taken over my Paycation business. LOL!

THANK YOU!!! It was taking so much out of me to build that business, I can now make it a hobby and continue to just enjoy the benefits.

Glad to have you back. No one else can seem to get away with giving Rob a hard time. 🙂

Mr Faiser,

Hello again. I just wanted to come to you and say thank you. I learnt something from you today, I learnt that never in life should you run with the crowd. Always stand on your own ground and create your own signature. Run with the crowd wherever they run can lead to distaster and I learnt that patiency pays and not rolling your eyes where ever you see things shinning because looks can be deceiving.
Thank you. You spoke to me like my own father 🙂