Stage 2 : 50 Ad Packs +

Now that you have reached 50 Ad  packs +

  • You will now be able to upgrade from  Lead Lightning to the Gold Membership which costs $54 a month. This will be paid for by money generated by Your 50 ad packs.
  • You will also now be able to buy a solo ad for $50 a week. This will also be paid for by Traffic Monsoon. (For solo ads you can use your Udimi account that you created earlier at Step 4)
  • You will need to buy a Domain name for $12 which you can do within the Power Lead System

Once you have upgraded to the Gold Membership you should follow these instructions to set up your Traffic Monsoon Sales Funnel.

If you have any questions about it feel free to contact me.

Traffic Monsoon Funnel Setup in Power Lead System

How to use Udimi – Solo Ads


  • You will continue to buy ad packs on a daily basis.
  • Once a week you will withdraw $50 and buy a solo ad from Udimi and send that traffic to your Traffic Monsoon Funnel.
  • Once a month you will withdraw $54 to pay for your Power Lead System.

Note* Contact your sponsor to make sure your Funnel is set up properly.